Postdoctoral research scientist at LSCE

LSCE is currently seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral research scientist to develop and apply new methods to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from industrial facilities based on in-situ atmospheric measurements. The position is based at Laboratoire des Science du Climat et de l’Environnement ( and the researcher will work within the TRACE project (, which is a collaboration between engineers and scientists working at the LSCE as well as partner companies SUEZ, TOTAL and Thales Alenia Space.

Job Description – Key Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Organize and participate in field campaigns at industrial facilities using in-situ greenhouse gas analyzers, low-cost sensors and other scientific instrumentation
  • Calibrate, process and analyze atmospheric concentration measurements along with meteorological data from different platforms and sensors
  • Synthesize the results and work with modelers to provide best estimates of emission rates and locations including their uncertainties
  • Lead and / or contribute to the writing of peer-reviewed publications
  • Communicate research to a wide variety of stakeholders including industrial partners and fellow scientists at international conferences

    Essential Criteria:

  • PhD in atmospheric science or another relevant field
  • Demonstrated fieldwork experience working with trace gas or aerosol measurements
  • Able to think critically to design effective field campaigns and to optimize measurement systems
  • Ability to handle, manipulate and analyze data sets from a variety of sensors using software such as R, Python and/or MATLAB
  • Highly developed project and time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines
  • Experience communicating research through scientific publications, technical reports and at international conferences

The full job description can be found attached or at the following link:

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