Time dimensions of the NetCDF file

Dimension name Description Period of obs.
time_photometer Time for photometer products 1999-2016
time_mld Time for mixing layer depth products 2008-2014
time_lna Time for lidar profiles products 2003-2015
time_moleculaire Index of time dimension for molecular profiles 2003-2015
time Main time 2003-2016

Lidar profiles dimensions

Dimension name Description
binSR SR (scattering ratio) classification bins
binSTRAT STRAT classification bins
range_lna Altitude range for lidar histograms

Classical meteorological measurements

Variable Description Period of obs. Reference
tas_sirta 2-m air temperature, K 2003-2016
hurs_sirta 2-m relative humidity, % 2003-2016
huss_sirta 2-m specific humidity , kg/kg 2003-2016
psl_sirta Sea-level pressure, Pa 2003-2016
sfcWind_sirta 2-m wind speed, m/s 2003-2016
vas_sirta 2-m northward wind, degree 2003-2016
uas_sirta 2-m eastward wind, degree 2003-2016
visi_sirta Visibility, m 2012-2016
pr_sirta Precipitation at surface, kg/m2/s 2003-2014
tas_trps Trappes air temperature, K 2005-2014
hurs_trps Trappes relative humidity, % 2005-2014
psl_trps Trappes Sea-level pressure, hPa 2005-2014
ff_trps Trappes wind speed, m/s 2005-2014
vas_trps Trappes northward wind, degree 2005-2014
uas_trps Trappes eastward wind, degree 2005-2014
visi_trps Trappes Visibility, m 2005-2014
pr_trps Trappes Precipitation at surface, mm/hr 2003-2014
hurs_regional Regional relative humidity, % 2004-2014
pr_regional Regional precipitation rate, mm/h 2004-2014
psl_regional Regional surface air pressure, hpa 2004-2014
uas_regional Regional eastward component of wind, degree 2004-2014
vas_regional Regional northward component of wind, degree 2004-2014
ws_regional Regional wind speed, m/s 2004-2014
tas_regional Regional air temperature, K 2004-2014

Advanced measurements

Variable Description Period of obs. Reference
rlds Surface downwelling longwave radiation, W/m2 2003-2016
rlus Surface downwelling shortwave radiation, W/m2 2007-2016
rsds Surface downwelling shortwave radiation, W/m2 2003-2016
rsus Surface upwelling shortwave radiation, W/m2 2007-2016
hfs(l)s Surface upward sensible (latent) heat flux, W/m2 2006-2014
saa solar_azimuth_angle, degree 2003-2015
sza solar_zenith_angle, degree 2003-2016
stx1 Soil temperature x cm bellow ground level, K 2007-2015
Smx1 Soil moisture x cm bellow ground level, g/cm3 2007-2012
channel_x_mean2 Mean brightness temperature from MSG at x µm, K 2005-2010

Parameters retrieved from observations

Variable Description Period of obs. Reference
cf_nfov_als Lidar cloud fraction 2008-2012 Morille et al. 2007
cf_nfov_lna Lidar cloud fraction 2003-2008 Morille et al. 2007
rsdscs Surface downwelling shortwave radiation for clear sky, W/m2 2003-2015 Long et al. 2006
rldscs Surface downwelling longwave radiation for clear sky, W/m2 2003-2015 Long et al. 2006
tot_cld_tsi Cloud fraction from sky imager 2009-2014
cflw Cloud fraction from longwave radiation 2003-2014 Long et al. 2006
cfsw Cloud fraction from shortwave radiation 2003-2014 Long et al. 2006
cbhx3 Lidar cloud base heigh, m 2008-2013 Morille et al. 2007
aot_x4 Aerosol optical thickness at x nm 2008-2014 Aeronet
water Clear sky integrated watr vapor, kg/m2 2008-2014 Aeronet
angstrom_x-y5 Angstrom exponent between x and y nm, nm 2008-2014 Aeronet
cld_frac Percentage cloudy pixels over 15×15 pixels 2005-2010 Roebeling et al. 2006
clwp_mean Mean cloud liquid water path over 15×15 pixels, g/m2 2005-2010 Roebeling et al. 2006
ctt_mean Mean cloud top temperature over 15×15 pixels, K 2005-2010 Roebeling et al. 2006
reff_mean Mean cloud effective radius over 15×15 pixels, mm 2005-2010 Roebeling et al. 2006
tau_mean Mean cloud optical thickness over 15×15 pixels, g/m2 2005-2010 Roebeling et al. 2006
lwp Liquid_water_path, g/m2 2012-2016
mld Mixing_layer_depth, m 2008-2014
iwv Integrated water vapor, Kg/m2 2006-2016

Vertical lidar measurements

Variable Description Period of obs. Reference
SRhisto Lidar scaterring ratio vertical histograms 2003-2015
STARThisto Lidar STRAT classification vertical histograms 2003-2015 Morille et al. 2007
pr2_mol Lidar molecular profile 2003-2015
norm_height Altitude of normalisation of lidar profiles, m 2003-2015
1x is 5 cm, 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, 50 cm. 2x is 12, 0.6, 0.8, 1.6, 3.8, 10.8 µm. 3x is first layer (1), second layer (2), third layer (3) 4x is 1020, 870, 675, 500, 440, 380, 340 nm. 5x and y are the interval between4 values. Parameters currently included in SIRTA-ReOBS. First block is for classical meteorological measurements, second block is for more advanced measurements, third block is for parameters retrieved from observations, fourth block is for vertical lidar measurements.

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Classical meteorological measurements

Advanced measurements

Parameters retrieved from observations

ReOBS version history

version V1-1-1 New variables added :
  • Trappes classical meteorological measurements (« trps_ » prefix)
  • Integrated water vapor calculate by GPS system (iwv)
  • Regional meteorolgy (« _regional » suffix)
Variables modified :
    • Variable cf_nfov splited in two variables :
Variable name Description Period
cf_nfov_als Cloud fraction from als(Aerosol Lidar System) at 355 nm 2008-2012
cf_nfov_lna Cloud fraction from lna(Lidar Nouages Aerosols) at 532 and 1064 nm 2003-2008
Renamed variables :
Old variable name New variable name
mu_fclw std_fclw
mu_cfsw std_cfsw
mu_hfls std_hfls
mu_hfss std_hfss
mu_hurs std_hurs
mu_huss std_huss
mu_ps std_ps
mu_psl std_psl
mu_rlds std_rlds
mu_rlus std_rlus
mu_rsdscs std_rsdscs
mu_rsus std_rsus
mu_sfcWind std_sfcWind
mu_sm5 std_sm5
mu_sm10 std_sm10
mu_sm20 std_sm20
mu_sm50 std_sm50
mu_st5 std_st5
mu_st10 std_st10
mu_st20 std_st20
mu_st50 std_st50
mu_solar_zenith_angle std_solar_zenith_angle
mu_tas std_tas
mu_tot_cld_tsi std_tot_cld_tsi
mu_uas std_uas
mu_vas std_vas
mu_water std_water
mu_cflw std_cflw
mu_rldscs std_rldscs
d_lwp std_lwp
d_prp std_prp
d_reff std_reff
d_sds std_sds
d_tau std_tau
d_visi std_visi
340-440angstrom angstrom_340-440
380-500angstrom angstrom_380-500
440-675angstrom angstrom_440-675
440-870angstrom angstrom_440-870
500-870angstrom angstrom_500-870
sfcWind sfcWind_sirta
tas tas_sirta
hurs hurs_sirta
huss huss_sirta
pr pr_sirta
ps ps_sirta
psl psl_sirta
uas uas_sirta
vas vas_sirta
visi visi_sirta
Deleted variables :
  • Spatial Uncertainty variables
Old variable name