Post-Doctoral fellowship:
Oxidative potential (OP) and chemical composition of particulate matter in Marseille

Subject: A 1-year campaign in Marseille-Longchamp supersite will represent the central element of the PhD. The candidate will collect both online real-time and off-line PM1 particles. During the whole year PM1 filters will be daily collected to conduct offline measurements of the chemical composition of PM1 and the oxidative potential. OP will be also measured with an on-line automatic instrument for a period of 3 to 4 months.

Methodology/Data analysis: The candidate will participate to the field campaign in Marseille by
collecting, treating and validating the produced data. The data will be analyzed to resolve the PM1
chemical composition and OP. The PM1 source contribution of different pollution sources will be
determined using the rolling PMF approach.

Post-doc details:
Location: the candidate will be hosted at LCE in Marseille (France) and at the IGE laboratory at the campus of Grenoble-Alpes University (France).
Requirements/Skills: A PhD degree in atmospheric sciences, chemistry, physics or related
subjects. The candidate must own good experience in scientific programming and data analysis
(Igor Pro, R, Python, matlab…).

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